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(5) doojoon/dongwoon ; you're too funny

you're too funny
doojoon/dongwoon, pg-13
fluff, 543 words
a/n: just imagine this was april fool's alright sobbing this was supposed to be dongwun 's present or some sort, but i didn't quite finish it on time. because i suck like that. i'm sorry lina i hope you like it anyway??? ♥

you're too funny

Doojoon decides, just as the cereal box slips out of his grip and displays a mess across the kitchen counter, that he has to seriously man the fuck up. “Shit,” he curses under his breath, eyes frantically wandering around the apartment because if his clumsiness just woke Junhyung up, he’ll be a dead man tomorrow.

Midnight snacks were never a good idea.

Four hours later, as consciousness knocks on his door, Doojoon yawns and carefully thinks over his plan for the day before Yoseob steals his bedcover away and snaps the waistband of his boxers seven times in a row.

“Nggrh,” Doojoon grunts. Yoseob’s fingers are too cold for his morning preferences.

“Sorry. Our one and only way of waking you up,” Yoseob smirks lazily, “darling.”

Doojoon punches girly fists into the air, groaning, and when the sunlight greets the room he throws a pillow at the dumbass. Yoseob is an evil bitch.

So he stands outside at the balcony while he sips on his coffee – a little too much sugar, in a cup that was given by his mother on the day he told her he’d be debuting with some other people, yes, mother. He reconsiders everything again, this thing he’s about to do. Being the confident man that he is (overly, sometimes), he finds absolutely no flaw in his planning. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Except that Dongwoon might break his stupid heart. For the nth time. He has always done it unknowingly. Poor guy.

Twenty-two seconds later aforesaid heartbreaker strolls out and settles next to him, brushing their elbows and arms together. Dongwoon gives him a sleepy grin and it’s unfair how someone manages to look like his last ten dirty fantasies so early in the morning.

Doojoon feels like he’s about to explode. “Uh,” he starts. What was the plan again? Straight to the point? No? Shit, he can’t remember. “I think I’m in love with you.”

Dongwoon chokes on his tea and turns to face Doojoon, staring right into his eyes and looking poleaxed. “Sor—what?”

“Please don’t make me repeat myself.”

Dongwoon says nothing. Three seconds pass before he starts laughing, head thrown back and cheekbones elevated. “That was a good one, hyung.”

This time it’s Doojoon’s turn to look dumbstruck. “What?”

“I didn’t know you would go to such extent,” Dongwoon replies. His insides are still laughing, Doojoon can hear it in his voice. “That was real good though.”

Doojoon wants to curl up and die. His heart is thundering so hard in his chest it makes him feel nauseous. “I’m sorry did I miss something?” he asks as Dongwoon makes his way back into the dorm. He blinks furiously at the glass door and wants to bang his head against the railing until everything stops sucking.

But it would take a lot of banging and his head might be bruised that way, and he has filming tomorrow. So he decides to gather up his non-existent leftover dignity and follows Dongwoon inside instead.

“You might want to check the calendar,” Yoseob whispers in his ear, laughing as soon as Doojoon’s eyes widen in disbelief.

“Screw you all.”

At least Dongwoon didn’t throw up or punch him in the face, so there’s a silver lining.

beta'd by [info]candidskys because she's an angel
Tags: #aeroply, fandom: beast, length: 501-1000w, pairing: doojoon/dongwoon
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